Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Traveling To Our New Home

We had a surprisingly good flight, after nearly missing the boarding. Long story short--Chris had to return the two rental cars while I checked us in to our flight at the Austrian desk, and it took much longer than we expected. Thank goodness for some kind folks at the airport who whisked us through security and helped us make the plane on time. Collier was amazingly well-behaved on the nearly 9 hour flight to Austria, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that Melodie, our beloved rabbit, was actually in the cabin with us instead of in the cargo hold. As usual, I didn't sleep at all and I was feeling seriously ill.

I was so stressed about what when happen when we arrived in Skopje, particularly with the rabbit. We were warned the day before we left that there may be a need to quarantine her upon arrival, and there were no facilities available at the airport to do so. I was furious, plus I was scared of the long journey in cargo for her as well. Fortunately, she was in the cabin for the first leg, and we turned her over to the handlers in Vienna so she could fly with Yotee in the baggage hold for a cargo arrival in Skopje. Apart from having to collect Yotee and walk around the airport with her for a few hours, the layover was manageable. Having the dog meant no early access to the gate area, however, so there were no comfortable places to spend the nearly 5 hours!

The flight to Skopje was short and relatively stress free, but I was still very nauseous and nervous. The kids were fantastic. I am always surprised at how well they travel. They really behaved themselves, and we received a few compliments from some fellow FSers(who were on the flights unbeknownst to us) about their behaviour. I was really proud of them all! But I am glad we don't have to fly again for at least a year!

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