Thursday, August 7, 2008

Car repair

Last Thursday, our 15th wedding anniversary:), I picked up Chris from work. As usual, we stopped at the Vero market to pick up some groceries. When I tried to turn off the car, the key wouldn't turn all the way. The engine was off, but the key was stuck in the ignition! Chris fiddled with it while I shopped--we decided it wasn't a good idea to leave the car unoccupied in the lot with the key stuck in it, so he stayed behind. We were still able to drive the car over the weekend, being careful to lock it with our second key and parking in secured lots. The following Monday, he took the car to the dealership for repair. They easily fixed the problem and it cost only around $50! I imagine something like that would have run us several hundred dollars in the US. Another great thing about life in Macedonia--quick service at a reasonable cost!


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