Friday, August 22, 2008

Cute kids--human and canine!

Yesterday, we took a walk around the corner to visit the puppies. (A couple weeks ago I noticed a stray in our neighborhood had a litter, and the entire family, minus my husband, has been obsessed with them ever since!) There are 4 of them, cute little flea-infested furballs, resembling yellow labs. They are absolutely precious and I want to take one home! For now, we just visit them and bring leftovers and stale bread for the mom to eat. Chris is adamant about not taking in another pet, and for very good reasons. It is extremely difficult travelling with our pets, and it can cause incredible stress. The kids and I are trying to change his mind on an hourly basis.

Well, as you can imagine, such adorable puppies are a big draw to the neighborhood kids. Joining us in puppy playtime were two sweet little Macedonian boys, and they were fascinated by our use of the English language. One little boy tried to communicate by using all of the English phrases in his vocabulary. Hello! Thank you very much! I love you Mother, I love you Father, I love you sister, I love you baby. He just repeated these words over and over in an exuberant tone and was so proud of himself. It was absolutely adorable---perhaps even cuter than the playful pups!!

Afterwards, we enjoyed a nice stroll around the area and went home to shower and make sure we didn't bring any fleas with us!

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