Sunday, March 1, 2009

Visit to the Zoo and Museum of Natural History

Today was such a lovely day that we decided to get outdoors for a little while. Though we find the zoo a bit depressing, the kids really enjoy it, so we went for a visit. It was quite crowded with local families taking advantage of the nice weather. We saw bears today that we somehow missed on our previous visit, and we enjoyed watching zookeepers feed the hippos. The hippos just sat there with their mouths wide open waiting for the fruit to land was pretty funny. Arianna took lots of photos, some of which you can see above.

Today we also checked out the Museum of Natural History, which was very nice and had plenty of interesting exhibits. It was very cold inside though! The temperature outdoors was in the low 50's, and I think it was probably half that in the museum! I'm sure that in the summer it is the complete opposite though. Aside from two other families, we had the whole place to ourselves and Collier really enjoyed running from display to display. The girls especially liked all the animal exhibits and found it very informative. I am sure we will visit again soon.

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