Friday, March 20, 2009

Fickle Mother Nature

Yesterday as I was driving out to Bardovci to pick up a friend, I was lamenting about how I never had the opportunity to capture an image of the fantastic snow-capped mountains. En route to Bardovci, the views of the peaks are unobstucted and absolutely breathtaking. I vividly remember the first time I noticed the snowy peaks and how beautiful they were. I was leaving a playdate with a friend who had spent the last several tours in the Middle East, where the sand dunes are unique and cool, but not quite as stunning. We walked out the front door of our friend's house, and the mountains just grabbed us. We paused for a few minutes to absorb the image. Of course, being from Pennsylvania, I've seen mountains before, but none like these. I think the spectacular views of these mountains might be the saving grace of life in Bardovci. All the electrical, plumbing,and infrastructure issues and stress associated with them must simply melt away with those vistas.

I have always wanted to get a great photo of the mountains blanketed with soft, clean snow, but I never seem to have my camera on sunny days, and it seemed to me that with the impending change of the season that it might not happen this year. Fortunately for me, Mother Nature has decided to give me another opportunity! It is now snowing like crazy here! Hopefully this weekend the sun will come out and allow a chance to capture a terrific photo....stay posted!

Today's odd weather reminded me of a really cute remark by our babysitter earlier this month. She noted that March is the month of the woman, with March 8th being International Woman's Day. Hani said that the weather is like a woman, prone to frequently changing her mind. Mother Nature might feel like wearing her mini-skirt and short sleeves one day, but decide to put on her new leather jacket and boots the next. Thus, the weather changes to suit her mood! I thought that was really funny and makes so much sense. Apparently, today her boots are on and her stylish new umbrella is open!

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