Friday, September 26, 2008

Community Time/City Walk

This morning was very busy for Collier and I.
First, we attended community time at the girl's school. Each Friday, the school offers community time in the gym, where different students perform skits, songs, etc. and birthdays are honored. It is a great opportunity for the parents to come together, get involved in the school and showcase the talents of the kids. After the presentation, parents meet up in the school's cafe to drink coffee and chat. It is a very pleasant way to start the day. Last week, Anastasia's class sang a welcome song, it was adorable and she worked very hard preparing for it. We were all proud! I will try to post some video soon.

After a quick trip home to change shoes and pick up Collier's stroller, we headed into town to meet up with members of the International Women's Association for a City Walk. About 20 of us from various nationalities/backgrounds enjoyed a guided stroll around town. Our hostess pointed out monuments, historical features, etc. and offered advice on the best places to shop for certain items. She also pointed out some of her favorite restaurants. I particularly liked walking through the old bazaar areas of Skopje. The narrow cobblestone streets were lined with small shops hawking everything from gold jewelry, shoes, pottery, silk and so much more. This was the quaint, charming atmosphere I had envisioned in my thoughts of Skopje. I had wanted to go for some time, but hadn't been brave enough to visit on my own. The area oozes old-world character and it is authentic. I felt like I was walking in a postcard. There were wonderful aromas permeating the air--roasted nuts, roasting peppers, perfumes. It was truly a delight to all senses! The addition of great conversation and new friends made the experience complete. Collier tolerated the stroll, only issuing a few He was very tired, but too curious to take his nap. Apparently, he found the atmosphere enchanting too. I cant' wait to take Chris and the rest of the kids, now that I know my way around. Thanks Elke for a great morning!

The group was going to take advantage of the lovely weather and enjoy lunch outdoors at Aladdin, a new Middle Eastern restaurant, but I decide to part ways and meet Chris for lunch. We had a lovely meal together and then I ran some errands and picked up Christopher. It has been a very busy, but enjoyable day!

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