Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Why is it so difficult for me to get the kids' haircut? It is not a lack of opportunity....there are salons dotting our neighborhood, tons of them, and a new specialty kid's salon opened just steps from my son's school recently, complete with car-shaped seats and video screens to occupy the little ones during the snip-snip. I guess I am the problem!

Last week, I finally broke down and dragged Arianna to the salon for a cut. She had such spectacular hair, almost down to her waist and it was gorgeous when properly groomed. Unfortunately, it was a bit too difficult for her to manage, and so she often just put it in a ponytail. I would have to fight through the tangles and knots, which was not pleasant for either of us! Given her defiant, independent nature, she never wanted me to interfere, so last week the hair got seriously out of control and I insisted on the cut. She reluctantly agreed, and I was able to convince her to shed a few inches. When the stylist made the first cut and the six or so inches of hair fell to the floor, I almost wept. What had I done???? I felt nauseous and dizzy and filled with regret. In the end, she looked gorgeous and she was beaming proudly at her new look. Her hair looks so healthy and neat now. I was so proud of her, but I still feel guilty!

Collier's hair has been in his eyes for weeks. He is always pushing it out of his face, but I couldn't even begin to imagine him sitting nicely for a stylist--car-shaped chair or not. My friend kept encouraging me to do it myself. Just put on a movie or favorite TV show and just do it. I couldn't bear the thought. What if I messed it up? What if he moved and I cut him? I know he needed it, but I just couldn't do it. Yesterday, I finally gave in, knowing I would see my friend and she would be sure to bring up the topic again. I sat him on the kitchen counter, pulled out the scissors, brushed his hair forward and cut it! He resisted ... a lot. It was probably the longest 30 seconds of my life, but he looks absolutely adorable and you can once again see his gorgeous brown eyes. When we saw my friend a short while later, she commented on how cute he looked and he exclaimed "Yes!" proudly.

What is this strange psychological attachment to my kid's hair??? I guess it is resistance to change and not wanting to see them grow up, but I can't seem to let go. I kept Collier's little locks in a Ziploc baggie, and I wish I had thought to grab at least one strand of Arianna's! I guess I'll have to just be impulsive to get these haircuts done and not put much thought into it. Up next, Anastasia and Alina.....

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about cutting the kids hair- every time we cut Trev's hair, he looks more like a boy and not a baby. Elise has such curly hair, and when it is cut, I am always afraid it will grow back straight, like mine!