Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hometown Pride....Go Steelers!

As a "global nomad", I am not exactly sure where home is anymore, so I adhere to the "home is wherever my family is" policy. I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and lived there until I transferred to the main campus of Penn State, so I guess I consider myself a Pittsburgh girl. I haven't spent much time there since my mother passed away in 2001, only visiting twice for family reunions, but it still holds a special place in my heart. As a Pittsburgh girl, I am an avid, scratch that, fanatical Steelers fan!!! I carry my Terrible Towel from post to post and wave it proudly. I love the NFL. I follow it closely and each year I create my own fantasy leagues. It is my raison d'etre from August to February. The kids know that Sundays are for football and they leave me alone to watch. Heaven forbid we should ever find ourselves at a post that doesn't have AFN or a good satellite network that shows the NFL games! I'd go crazy.

As you know, the Superbowl was Feb. 1st and I am thrilled and honored to say that the Steelers are the world champion winners! The first NFL team to win 6 Superbowls...truly an historic feat! Although the vibe is certainly different, the ritual of watching the "big game" is necessary. Even though the game kicks off at 12:30a.m., you have to have party food and beer....at least a little, if only to help keep you awake. In previous years, we have spent Superbowl Sunday at the Marine house and everyone brought tons of food that no one ate. Who wants to eat nachos, wings, burgers, and potato skins in the middle of the night? When watching at home, I keep it simple. Three years ago, when the Steelers won the Superbowl, Chris was at a training conference in Warsaw. I kept Christopher up all night watching the game with me...you can't watch alone. We were so excited to be able to watch together this year, even though we had hoped for a Philly/Pittsburgh match up, the chance to share the experience was great! I was absolutely exhausted on Monday and Chris had to work, but it was worth it. If we were in Pittsburgh, it would have been quite a party and the kids would have had a 2 hour delay on Monday. Chris would have called off work. You make sacrifices being overseas, but fortunately missing the Superbowl doesn't have to be one of them...yet. I'll miss the homecoming parade and all the festivities, but at least I got to experience the victory. Call me one seriously proud Pittsburgh girl!!! Party on Pittsburgh!!!

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