Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Here is a photo of the Christmas tree with all the goodies around it! We love that we have such a dramatic space for the tree, and we only wish we had a much bigger, more impressive tree to put in it! Collier has removed the majority of the ornaments that are within his reach, but overall he has been pretty good at leaving it alone. We love to hear him say "ooooohhhh" when we turn on the lights!


ipopjones said...

Hi Sabrina and family. It's Irena and Rob and the three boys (baba Slavitza's daughter) from Dubai.

I happen to stumble upon your blog via Google Alerts and so happy that I have. I love your posts, they are very informative and insightful and pretty much on the mark.

Here is what we were up to for Christmas this year -

The two boys, Kieran and Julian also have blogs about what they have been up to. Actually, they started theirs after coming back from Macedonia as they had plenty to write about. Here are their links -

Hope you have a very happy new year and keep up the blogging. I will put you in my favourites/bookmarks.

Love, Irena and the boyz x

Eric and Jill said...

Hi. We also live in Skopje. Great to find your blog:)