Monday, November 17, 2008


We were happy to hear that an eager group of volunteers established a baseball league prior to our arrival in Skopje. Six weeks ago they put out the call for volunteers for the fall season and Chris willingly responded. He and a colleague were given the opportunity to coach the T-ball team and he proudly accepted the challenge. The team consisted of 9 kids(4 girls and 5 boys)of American, Belgian, Croatian, and Macedonian descent. It was a great group! Alina was very excited to participate and Chris Jr. played on the highest level. Even Collier gained some valuable experience and learned that throwing balls is fun! He throws everything now, and with great force!! I always loved watching our kids play t-ball, it is so cute to watch them experience new things and this was no exception. Alina did amazingly well, and she developed quite a strong swing. The entire family enjoyed our 6 weeks of Saturday morning, and until it started getting too dark too early, Tuesday evening practices. The season wrapped up the first week in November and to celebrate the kids' success, we created certificates for each of them and provided a tasty treat. It is so nice to have the opportunity to have fun,healthy, multi-ethnic activities for the kids. As Amarik(our Belgian player)'s dad said "It's so great to be able to do something so traditionally American in the heart of Macedonia!" We are all looking forward to March when the spring season kicks off!

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