Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mother Teresa

You may have heard of her. The much-beloved Catholic nun, whose humanitarian efforts earned her beatification, a Nobel Peace Prize, and immortalized her as one of the most charitable figures in history. Macedonians take great pride in calling her one of their own, even though she is of Albanian decent. She was actually born here in Skopje, and you can visit a monument to her placed in the center of town, where she was believed to have been born. Though her home is no longer there, they are in the process of constructing a museum/replica in her honor, where people can come to learn more about her and show their respect. Some controversy surrounded the construction plans, as there were original plans to build an Orthodox church at the scene, sparking fury from Catholic devotees. Most people don't realize that Mother Teresa wasn't a Catholic until after the death of her father. Eventually, the plans for the church were altered and it will be placed next to her home instead. The photo above shows the monument, and you can see the building taking place adjacent to the statue. If you would like to learn more about Mother Teresa, visit .

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